ESO Top 100 App Reviews

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This version doesn't work with iOS 11 Please Update

I'd like to keep enjoying these pics, but the app won't open anymore

Beautiful !!!!!!!

Gorgeous pics of the universe.!!!!


This is awesome! These pictures are SOOOO cool!!!

A simple slideshow but wonderful images

This app declares itself in the title, 100 great images captured by or featuring the European Southern Observatory in the AtAcama desert in Chile. Truly jaw dropping images of stellar formations, distant strange galaxies, and the observatory itself. The app includes additional information about each image as well as featuring a composed soundtrack if you choose slideshow mode. Especially like that you can save each image to your iPad. Would have liked even more information but could not complain about the price!

More Universe Less Buildings

Images of the universe and nebulas are great, way to many of domes on Earth. Missing images, just black screen.

Great images but not a flawless app

A simple, but well done, app highlighting the top 100 images from the ESO. Good: No frills app...they let the images speak for themselves. Great: All of the images can be copied to your iPad images folder for use as wallpaper, etc. Bad: 4 of the 100 images are blank/black. It appears that they did not download for some reason. I uninstalled and reinstalled and got the same thing. Lame: Not 100% photography. A number of these "top images" are "an artists vision" of exoplanets, moons, etc. Nice, but I would have expected all authentic imagery. Worth keeping: Yes.

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